Hypospadias and two-stage repairs

How I do it 
Pr M. Ouladsaiad
SMCP october 2018

  • Two-stage techniques for repair of hypospadias is controversial.
  • Pro and Cons:
  • 1/ First stage: 

         A-  Orthoplasty. (degloving+urethral plate          excision+/- other)

         B- Buried skin (Dennis Brown) 

    or    -Rotated skin (adjacent skin flaps) Byar’s  technique.

    or    - Graft (skin, Buccal mucosa, Bladder mucosa, composite). 

  • 2/ Second stage:
       * Urethroplasty  - In our practice

    • The only indication is circumcised proximal hypospadias and hypospadias cripples.
    • Buccal mucosa graft.


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